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Last week, I received the following email:


I hate to admit this but I am one of ‘those’ people this year.

This year for Christmas I want to get one of my best friends and cycling partner a gift that he will love! I came across the title of your book and read the brief bio and knew…Mike will love this gift! He’s the one on the right with the silly smirk on his face, the one the left is wearing my hot pink glasses.


So as September draws to a close I prepare for my December gift. Could you please let me know where your book is sold in Vancouver?

The book is not yet available in Vancouver, but through the miracle of snail mail, we made it happen. My new favourite west coaster now has a copy of One Block North squirreled away somewhere, quietly waiting for Christmas morning.

What a lovely thing to wake up to on December 25: bicycle stories, from one great Canadian cycling town to another!