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With apologies to Joss Whedon and the Firefly folk, I’m borrowing their exclamatory for a moment.

Just like a reliable bike on a technical ride, This Road Continues One Block North is gaining traction. Totally Shiny!

Determined to get this bike book into the hands of anyone who dreams of riding a bicycle, I’m working hard to make the phrase “available everywhere bikes and books are sold” a reality.

At this moment, print copies of One Block North are waiting for you at the following places, like a dog for its master, a bike for its rider. Print copies are available for $28.99 +HST

In Toronto:

  • At three of the finest bike shops anywhere—Bateman‘s Bicycle Company, Duke‘s Cycle and The Bike Joint
  • On the shelves (as of Wednesday, May 21) at the Indigo Bay/Bloor; at a Meet ‘n Greet on June 7

In Kingston:

  • In virtually every recognized bike shop in town, including Gears ‘n Grinds, Frontenac Cycle, Cyclepath, Ted‘s Road & Tri, and J&J Cycle
  • Runner‘s Choice, on Brock Street
  • The two book stores, Novel Idea and Chapters

In Ottawa:

  • Conferring with the good people at the Barr Haven Indigo for a Meet ‘n Greet table in July
  • Conferring with two cycling friends to get copies into a bike shop on the Glebe, and at the Ottawa MEC

Anyone more inclined to read an e-version of One Block North (for $9.99 +HST) can turn to the following outlets to get a copy:

  • Amazon
  • Kobo
  • iTunes

And if at any time you forget where to get a copy, visit oneblocknorth.wordpress.com. Or, call me! I’m always going to be very keen to hear your bike stories because I bet they’re terrific!