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This fall and winter, I’ve been invited to lead a few retreats, as a guest speaker at the Points East Workshops series. In November, the organizers Elke and Dan have asked me to teach others in the community how to blog. I’m certainly no expert at it, but my experiences with both WordPress and Posterous do give me limited credibility, so I’ve agreed.

Last night, I designed a few simple posters for the four events. The other three events have a seasonal theme, so they got a Christmas wreath image, made from natural materials (a requirement that Elke insisted on). The blogging workshop exists outside that theme, so I needed to find something different. Words, I thought.

Online, I discovered Wordles, groupings of related words in a artistic design. One of the Wordles I found used words that elicited images of public engagement, which I thought was appropriate. I jammed the found Wordle into my poster and considered it done.

In bed last night, I was tortured. I didn’t have permission to use this Wordle. This morning, I tried to find the site again but failed. What to do?

I made my own Wordle, based on words from this very site. Pointed at the blog, the software capriciously gathered words from my writings. The result is, for me, very moving.


To all my interviews, thank you for inspiring all of us with what you do on a bicycle.