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… needs to be brought inside and overwintered.

On Labour Day, I had two catastrophic equipment failures—a flat tire on the road bike and the mysterious disappearance of the rear axle on my mountain bike. A member of the Cyclops team had suggested in her interview that, whenever her bike experiences mechanical problems, it causes her to examine her own mechanical needs, because maybe there’s a correlation, a message from the universe. As with a lot of these interviews, that comment stuck with me.

This week, the book release turned bumpy. Further, I will shortly be announcing my next adventure, another move from parts known to parts unknown. Since the move can’t be delayed, the release of One Block North must be.


Our great notion—to publish a book of extraordinary bike stories, hoping to inspire those who ride to keep at it, and to encourage those who don’t ride, to take that leap of faith and put foot to pedal—our great notion has had to be parked temporarily. As they say in Rome, “eheu.”

Originally, someone advised me to have a soft launch in September with a hard launch in the spring. A hard launch includes the press and a lot of hoopla, while a soft launch doesn’t. I’ve made the decision to forego a soft launch, to give James Wilson at Overdrive Design (our book designer) and Andrew Weiner at TLAC (our publisher), time and space, to perfect the final product.

I will continue to be in touch with you, because I appreciate how much we all have invested in this project. James and Andrew have assured me that they’ll have an actual, hold-in-your-hand copy of this book for me before Christmas. Rather than be disappointed and reactive, I’ve chosen to view this as a hibernation because, as I have always maintained, this project has a life of its own and drives its own timing.

This Road Continues One Block North is now scheduled for release in the spring, in a season of awakening and curiosity and new beginnings, a time when lots of people get their bikes out of winter storage.

Meanwhile, I’m receiving weekly email from strangers who are inspired by our stories. Get out there! Whatever neat thing it is you do on a bicycle, do it with all your might. Today, this moment, you are someone’s inspiration.