Today, I was chatting with an interviewee via email. Many of us have kept in touch, but I suppose that’s what happens when you start your relationship with a hug.

Ellen recently moved back to the Netherlands, where she’s spending time with her family. This morning, I emailed her with am emergency request: did she have any high resolution images of her bicycle and/or herself, doing what she does? She didn’t. I was disappointed, but circumspect. It’s been two years. An hour later, Ellen emailed me again. You see, this bike community hates disappointing. They all want to assist others. It matters to them that they not disappoint. So, she offered me this photo, instead.


This is an image of Ellen, cycling her beloved mother around town, on Mother’s Day. Ellen’s mother suffers from Alzheimer Disease, and is now unable to cycle herself. To celebrate the day festively, Ellen and her sister rented this bike.

To all those who want to share two–or three–wheels together with someone they love. Happy Mother’s Day.