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Hello everyone!
One Block North is in near final stages, and I’m excited to think I might be sending out invitations to a book launch soon! How cool is that? Lots of things need reporting, so here goes.

First of all, you’ll notice that the One Block North blog has moved. The good folks at Posterous decided it was time to shut down their site, so I’ve switched to WordPress. If only we weren’t in design stage, I’d have had this up weeks ago. My apologies for making you wonder where the blog went. Here, that’s where.

The book is in design stage. This means Overdrive Design is now my master, night and day. A foreword, an afterword, a biography and a short explanation of the project, written for the back cover, now exist. We have a wonderful map that illustrates where you can cycle around this city, by the talented Tania Howells, as well as a hand-drawn image of a bicycle, so newbies can find all the parts mentioned in the stories. The design team has created tiny dingbats of bicycle types, so you know at a glance what type of bike is being described in the story. Fun, eh?

We’re also experimenting with an idea surrounding my business card, so the project itself continues on, once the book is published and done. More details on that in a future blog posting.

All the above content is being formatted, and legion exquisite (and some of my not-so-exquisite) photos are adding texture and colour and warmth to the stories. To those of you who’ve so graciously offered images at the last minute, I cannot offer enough thanks. You won’t be disappointed: the project is shaping up to be the most beautiful bike book ever put out by the city of Toronto.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be approaching publishing houses. Every company I approached over the past two years has been too busy to take on the entire project, but I’m hoping that if I hand them a completed book, they’ll be delighted. If not, then I’m off to learn how self-publishing works.

Keep in touch, bike bunnies. Your stories have been my lifeline in so many ways this past year. I encourage you to continue doing what you do best on a bike, because it’s enchanting, inspiring and fundamentally good for all of us.