It took me two days, but I’m finally done writing a first draft of One Block North’s afterword, a short bio of me, and some details for a neat project we’re offering on the back of the book. My part in designing this book has been a lot of work, and I’m only providing content for the team! These people at Overdrive Design are really rockin’, in my opinion.

You should see Antonia’s first draft layout. It’s… it’s wow. The front cover is both fun and suggestive. Inside, the book has lots of great photos (thanks in large part to some excellent photographers in the cycling community), some callouts, and sixty-six amazing bike stories.

Sylvia asked me to write something compelling for the back cover to get people to buy the book. So, I dared readers to try riding a chandelier bike and not laugh at how much fun they’re having. Every time I read those words, I think of Mark’s extraordinary design and I think, “Oh yeah. Let’s go for a romantic evening ride.”

Go, get your bike! As for me, I’m heading to Kingston this weekend to collect my bike, Miss Jackson. She and I have a glamour shot scheduled for Tuesday! Think playful, because that’s what we are.


Get ready, Miss J. I’m comin’ fer ya.