This week, my calendar holds some neat developments on the book project that I wanted to share with you. Because we all want to hear good news, right? And I consider this very shareworthy good news.

This afternoon, I’m meeting with Tania Howells, our map designer. We’re going to begin negotiations on which stories need illustrations, and what exactly should go on our larger map of the GTA. I love maps. Pore over them every chance I get. May I just tell you I’m pee-my-pants excited about this meeting?

Tonight, I’m speaking with a new editor (Nancy Wills) about final copy on the book, before it goes to the book designer. This is the final run-through of the entire story, to make sure I’m consistent, and have explained everything that needs it. This editor is going to be the first to see what I’ve done with the glossaries (there are three…) Wish us luck!

Once this part is done, I do final copy and wait for the maps. Then, the entire thing goes to James Wilson, our designer. Furious finger drumming on the table, in anticipation. oh GOODY! This really is going to happen. You can now officially become excited alongside me.

Now, if that’s not cool enough for you, I got an email this morning from one of my interviewees. It was from Henry Gold, of tour d’Afrique. If you aren’t yet in the know (not having read my book… eheh) tour d’Afrique offers global bicycle expeditions, of the bucket list variety. I interviewed him because over the course of the year, I realized just how innovative and adventurous Canadians–Torontonians–really are. I felt it important to include a story that captured these qualities. Henry’s stories about cycling in exotic places around the world made me really proud to be a Canadian, from Toronto.

So, why did Henry contact me, you’re wondering. Well, like many of you, Henry has been following my exploits, travelling back in time and space. He knows I was in Indonesia for part of 2012. Apparently, tour d’Afrique has been offering a new concept trip called 7Epics, which are seven longer tours in remote places, on bicycles.

In 2014, they plan to begin offering the Oceania Epic, which tours riders from Singapore to Sydney, Australia. The tour visits East Timor, but more importantly my beloved Indonesia. And here is Henry’s request. He wants to hear my bike stories. *weep* The full circle. Pretty freakin’ awesome, no?

Finally, speaking of exotic rides, I’ve been riding in this wintry weather.


I realized this morning that, as much as I adore Miss Jackson (who’s spent the past two years in Kingston, alas) I rely heavily on Jingas for her traction in questionable conditions, like snow and ice. She’s never failed me yet.


Thanks to all my interviewees who urged me to try winter riding. It’s not as hard as I thought. As I learned during the interview process, our perceptions can get the best of us, and we miss out on really really awesome experiences.