Well, I died and went to heaven this morning. BIKE POLO! On Sudirman! yaaaay!


My students and I were heading to a much-needed breakfast, but when I spotted a dedicated game happening on the adjacent roadway, there was no way I was passing up this chance. Camera in hand, I immediately took several shots of the play. My interest drew a little attention from da boyz, but they were mostly consumed in the game at hand.


One of them asked whether I wanted to play, but I demurred at once. Not only was I really famished, the thought of embarrassing all Canada with my single night of bike polo lessons was too much to consider. Just then, the inevitable accident, followed by the inevitable steal, happened down court.


These players have been enjoying bike polo in Jakarta for a couple of years now, but always on Sudirman when the city closes it for carfree events. There are no rinks here, ya know.

Regardless, these players demonstrate a gritty determination to embrace a sport fast becoming popular all over the world.  


Three! Two! One! Bike Polo! *sigh* Happy, happy me.