On Sunday, a group of people were hanging out along the route. Nothing strange there, since all dynamics seem to come to Sudirman/Thamrin on Sundays, to see and be seen on their bikes. These bikes were actually trikes, which again is nothing I haven’t seen before.


But here’s the thing: these trikes are like wobble boards–the frames are pliable.


Instead of pumping your legs up and down to move the trike, you use more of a skating action, pumping side to side. I asked the guys how it does on hills, and they demurred. You can only do about a ten degree incline before the strokes become too difficult. Still, these are a neat design and I saw enough of them on the route to know that they belong here. Jakarta is flat and the weather is good all year, so owning a Trikke is a pretty sweet deal.


And if I can do it, anyone can do it. Go, Trikkes!