My friend Djoko had recommended that, if I wanted to really see lowriders in Jakarta, I’d be smart to come on the last Sunday of the month. He teased me with the idea of seeing a herd of four hundred lowriders, all in one place. His voice got misty. My knees went wonky. Four hundred?!

Obedient to the call, I cycled into Sudirman at 7 a.m. on the 30th. I was not disappointed.


Once I’d collected a few shots of the magnitude, I entered the herd to admire. What I found was surprising, entertaining, enlightening, and inspiring. Here are just a few… 

The Batmobile?


A lowrider trike.


A little of Mexico in Indonesia!


For the ladies.


Like everyone else who designs a bike, lowrider designers love to accessorize. I have to say, I think lowrider designers take it a step beyond. How neat is this? A hood ornament!


Now this is what I call a chopper. You guys rock. Thanks for the invite to meet your bikes!


See you on the streets of Jakarta, lowriders.