In Jakarta, even on carfree Sundays, this phrase demands respect, likely because the road is shared all week long with people for whom life holds little value.

This Sunday, I was stopped on the route to allow a marathon to run through. Everyone was polite as we waited for runners to cross our route. Some of us even cheered them on.


Then, a very large group of young women were protesting Muslim issues. They were gently taking space, walking two abreast, in a line of about two hundred people. Out of respect, I did not photograph them, but I did nod my support. They smiled, happy to connect.

Further along the route, I followed a group of people raising money in an event called Go Walking.


Heading home after watching the BMXers for a bit, I thought I’d seen everything there was to see. I was wrong. A parade was heading to the main traffic circle, joyous and carefree. In Jakarta, on a regular Sunday, everyone shares Sudirman.