This morning, I passed the ice man’s station, where the enormous block of ice rests, waiting for deliveries. The ice man wasn’t there, which meant he was on his delivery rounds.

Ahead, I spotted him. It turns out there are two ice men, and this is the second one (my ice man is wearing a pink shirt today–I saw him earlier in it). This one was delivering ice at one of the street vendor’s stands.


The bike was parked on the street; the ice man had already chipped a chunk off his block of ice. He was placing the chunk in the vendor’s freezer. I’d missed my chance to capture him in the, shall we say more artistic facet of his work. I got that chance just 50 feet later, when he stopped at another vendor stand.


The ice man moves the block of ice into position, so he can access more of it without damaging the bike wheel. He chips a straight line on three sides of the block and then gives the top line a couple of good whacks at which the chunk falls off into his waiting hand.


See that tool inserted into the frame of the bike? I don’t what that’s for. Yet. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it only feeds me. I’ll get back to ya on that.