The first weekend I cycled with Ernesto, he took me home to spend some time with his wife over a few beer. They gave me a tour of their warm and delightful home, introduced me to all their animals and made me feel very much a part of their family.

One of the many things they shared with me was that their youngest daughter had just finished her final exams, as a veterinarian. A celebration had been planned for June 16th and should I still be in the city, they wanted me to come to the festivities.

Inviting everyone to a celebration is very common with Mexican families. They described the upcoming festivities as small, and then laughed that several people they hardly know are being invited, which is very common. Then, they hurriedly reassured me that they wanted me to be there, for personal reasons. We had shared some lovely moments this month, in meaningful ways.

Late last week I received an email from Indonesia stating that I am expected there the last week of June, so I will not be leaving Tehuacan until at least the 17th. I am available and very excited to be invited to Husim’s ceremony and family celebration. On Sunday, the family presented me with my own invitation.


The translator fails me, but here is a general sense of what the invitation says.

As a future veterinarian I have gone through a series of stages in my life and I would like to have the support of all my family and my friends. For this reason, we invite you to join me at the Eucharistic celebration.

I have also been invited to the family celebration at the house, immediately following the service.

Me siento profundamente honrado, Husim

I am deeply honoured, Husim.