From Andrea Peloso


Hope to see many of you tonight at the combined  fundraiser for Lucas and memorial for Jenna Morrison, tonight. 

Details are posted here:

Our petition campaign is going strong!  We are determined to keep up the petitions until changes are made.  I will be asking folks to submit this round of petitions in the New Year to give us a goal for gathering some petitions over the next few weeks.  I’ve re-attached the petitions in case anyone still needs them.  When they are done you can send them to:

Andrea Peloso
256 Havelock St.
Toronto, ON
M6H 3B9

Finally, tonight we are not doing petitions at the memorial out of respect,since this is a memorial event.


If you would like a copy of the two petitions (one calling on the federal government to enforce side guards on all large vehicles and the other calling on the city to implement their promised bike lanes strategy) you can contact me at


Keep safe everyone.