Sorry to have been MIA these past few weeks. I’m in the midst of a tumultuous move! Nearly back on track this week.

Today I received the following email from an acquaintance, with whom I have only spoken once on the topic of bicycles, and that not so recently. Clearly, the topic has an impact.


Hi Christine,

I realize that this message is really out of the blue, but something has happened recently that fully compels me to tell you about it.

A couple of months I came across a beautiful road bike frame that someone had left behind because somebody had stolen the tires. I took possession of the frame, and after a little investment, (new tires and rims, and single speed conversion), I have one very sweet riding bike.

Now I find myself loving biking, not solely because of the exercise, but also because I finally found a reason to love being on my bike just for the fun of it! When I came to this realization, I couldn’t help but think of you and your book.


I found this so inspiring, I just had to share it on an overcast day in autumn. Get out there. You never know what will happen!