Are you ready? They’re good ones!

Last Monday was Thanksgiving and I was extremely grateful to find myself bellied up to the bar at the Communist’s Daughter interviewing none other than Michael Louis Johnson. In case you don’t recognize the name, Michael distributes “accidental intimacies” at many of our mass cycling events with his trumpet. His stories ranged from ArtSpin rides to Critical Mass rides, where he has lightened hearts and inspired the weary.

I personally witnessed the throng of thousands ringing their bike bells in time to his playing at Jack Layton’s funeral cortege. Better still, I got to help D-cide on the B-side, it being a Monday evening at the Daughter. This story is a whole lotta fun.

Later in the week, I sat across from the illustrious Martin Heath as he described for me the history of our very own Cinecycle. Cinecycle is located at 401 Richmond Street, and its shtick is to combine a cycle repair shop with a cinema. The cinema has an excellent library of cycling movies which are played at various cycling events. You can book the venue to watch these movies with a party, or you can book the venue to watch other types of movies. Martin’s personal tales, in addition to the history of this charming venue, lend credence to our city’s venerated status globally.

Finally, I did an interview with a bike named BoGoWo. I kid you not. Look! It’s painted proudly onto the frame!


The bike also holds a personalized tool kit, which is so functional I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it.


The bike’s owner calls himself a “minimalist by artistic philosophy”. Besides being artistic, he is also quite a philosopher. You may have seen his bike. It bears the following tag, dangling from the seat:


I’m not sure I agree with the remark about No Rules, but the others appeal to me very much. This man has co-captained his ward on behalf of the bike union and is a member of several important committees, trying to make a difference. He likes to live his life based on logic and courtesy, ensuring that everyone shares the road equally. Instead of competing, we should be cooperating. Well said!