Each week I feel honoured to meet with new people about their bikes, and what they choose to do on them. Everyone has an interesting, and often inspiring, story. This week was no exception.

On Monday evening, my photographer and I spent a couple of awed hours at Biceagal, watching people with neat bikes arrive and hang out with other people and their neat bikes, while Malcolm Munro quietly worked away. Biceagal is both a bike shop and a machine shop. One of the neat bike people confided to me that “if your bike breaks in two, you bring it to Malcolm and he fixes it for you”. Brian (my photographer) describes what Malcolm does as “making dreams come true”.

Then, on Wednesday, I stumbled over OOQI grips. The guys responsible for OOQI grips shared some pretty sweet stories with me. And then, they let me test a grip for myself. They tell me that, when I get my grips, my bike is going to look “super dope”. I believe it.

For more on OOQI grips, go here: http://www.ooqi.ca/

On the weekend, I found myself chatting momentarily with a regular attendee of the Urban Environment Resource. Ever heard of the Drain Bike? Well, I may be lucky enough to get an interview with one of the attendees. I’m pretty pumped, because this is well outside the usual bike story in Toronto.

Finally, I spent a most neighbourly evening at the 25th annual Walmer Road Street Party, interviewing the fellow who was doing safety checks on any bike that comes a-knockin’, fer free. This generous young man is a coordinator at Bike Pirates, but I run into him all over the place. He also volunteers his time at Valet Bike Parking events, which is where I first met him. In fact, when I approached him for an interview this weekend, he already had one of my cards in his pocket. Not only did he have several great bike stories for me, I watched several more transpire as he worked. It was very touching to watch kids and adults alike walk a disused bike over, only to ride that much improved bike soul off for an adventure a few minutes later. Two of these bikes even entered the Slow Bike Race. And they did alright, too!