Since I’m briefly heading out of the country soon, the interview schedule is temporarily winding down. There were three interviews this week, but what stories! I also interacted with a few potential interviewees this week and will relate some of those details at the end.

On Monday, I had the privilege of interviewing our former mayor, David Miller (@iamdavidmiller). From his Brookfield Place office, David treated me and one of my photographers with a few of his most memorable bike stories. He began with how he learned to ride a bike. Partway through, he turned to me with some astonishment and declared, “I haven’t thought of this in forty years!” Next, I asked David for a Toronto bike story so he described how the Martin Goodman Trail came to be ploughed in winter. David’s bike legacy will continue to be felt here for some time. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the cycling community, David. So many of the interviewees continue to speak very highly of you.

On Wednesday, my other photographer and I met with the man behind BikingToronto, Joe Travers (@bikingtoronto). Joe’s bike stories centre on his year-old daughter’s future experience as a cyclist. Joe has already left a legacy with his website and blog ( where he has captured much of the current Toronto biking information in one neat package. Now, he’s heavily involved with advocating for safer cycling.
Joe’s bike, through Brian’s eyes. Life whooses past; bike remains Zen.


On Friday, we met with a very engaging young man and his Franken-bike. I left a card on this beauty because the handlebars were so unusual. They’d been chopped back and rebuilt, and then covered with a playful cow fringe tape. Love it!


In addition to a full-time job and a passion for rebuilding bikes, this fellow also plays with no less than four bands. Do support these bands when possible:

  • The Benefit of the Free Man
  • Human Bodies
  • All This Talk
  • Vinnie Vegas

While volunteering this weekend, I ran across a few people with whom I’ve been negotiating for interviews over the winter. Two of these were working the Urbane Cyclist booth at the Green Living Show. One of them makes high quality bike accessories under the name Push the Envelope, and the other builds adorable/scary/cool creatures from old bike parts (he brought his bike raptor to the show!) The other future interviewee (@BikeLaneDiary) was helping out with the LEAF – Ontario Hydro Tree Planting event in Earl Bales Park. Great to see so many cyclists involved with environmental activities in the city, but then cyclists and their bikes rock!


Photographs courtesy Brian Telzerow