Great interviews this week! I keep thinking I’m going to hear a repeat of one of my stories, but not so far. With each interview, I learn something new about my city, about cycling, and about myself. It’s great! Keep it up GTA! You rock.

On Monday, I was honoured to hear the story of Lap Dogs. The man behind the story has led a very inspiring life and this organization sets a strong and intelligent example for all cyclists in the GTA. I am very proud to have this story included in One Block North.

Tuesday evening found me sitting across from a strong and charming woman who can’t find a single bad thing to say about any of the bikes she’s owned. Even when they fail her, she is still entirely devoted to them. It was an excellent lesson in how to manage your important relationships.

They say you fall slightly in love with the man who delivers your babies, and I can attest to this. You can also fall somewhat in love with other key people in your life. For instance, your chocolatier. Yes, I have a chocolatier, and I’m smitten with him. During that miserable storm on Wednesday, I was visiting the ChocoSol office. This is the swashbuckling tale I was promising you. It’s not quite what you think, but still. Errol Flynn, step aside.

After I finished my Saturday morning shopping at the Wychwood Barns Farmer’s Market, I met with an ex-messenger. His story is very moving and is exactly what I had always suspected: you must not confuse the personality with the job. In my experience, bike messengers embody all the characters of a cyclist in this fair city. They are everything you want in a partner, a good friend, an employee and a model citizen. This man impressed me deeply with his love of cycling and his desire to make riding a bike safe, affordable, and accessible to everyone. This wonderful story will make you want to hold our messengers in high regard.

Finally, yesterday afternoon I met with an urban planner. She was passionate about about how our city is structured and how we are currently developing it. You will want to read her intuitive and pragmatic comments. And then, you will want to read her romantic bike story.